Stephanie & Alex

Winter Engagement Photos in North Georgia

We had planned this winter engagement photos session in North Georgia for a few months now.  We all knew that this would be so much like a fall engagment photo session then anything else.  It rarely get’s so cold in Georgia, and this year we didn’t have much snow either.

So techically this is more like a Fall Engagement Session then anything else.  Since the leaves was already fallen and we had no shortage of that here in Burton Mill Park near Lake Lanier.

I had initally pick this location, because there was suppose to be a beach sort of at this park, however, upon arriving we got no beach.  Just a bunch of leaves on the ground and dead trees.

We really need a beach area, close by so that we don’t have to drive so far away.  If anyone knows an area like this, let me know in the comment below.

Anyways, I told Stephanie & Alex that this will turn out to be more of an Fall style for the engagement photos, and they were down with that, since we didn’t have any snow, we really couldn’t make this a truly winter engagement photos. We didn’t have much of spots to shoot at so we made the best of what we had.  Just trying to capture different angles, try different lighting, and add some props to make them a bit different.

Stephanie’s mother came along as well, and I decided instead of her being bored watching us, let’s make her help with the session.  She had the job of throwing leaves at Stephanie and Alex which she had a blast doing haha.

Let me know what you guys think of the photos? Yah or Nah 😛