Willet & Joseph 50th Anniversary Wedding – Macon, GA

July 6, 2019
willet and joseph family group shot
Macon, GA

Willet & Joseph

This week, I had to head down to Macon, GA for another older couple wedding.  However, this was also their 50th Anniversary, and they decided to renew their vows and have another wedding.

50 years, 3 generation of all family members was part of the wedding.  The groomsmen and bridesmaid was composed of daughters, sons, grand children and great grand children.

Joseph didn’t want a photographer to follow him around all day, so I was only there during the ceremony and part of the reception.  No group of groomsmen and groom :(.

The wedding took place at the Church, and the reception took place at the Sports Hall of Fame in Macon, GA.  Both vendor information is below and make sure you check out the full gallery of this beautiful wedding.


Bethel Sydney Church
Sports Hall of Fame


Check out the full gallery here!