Madison & Chris

Wedding at Cannon Centre in Greer SC

Today’s wedding couple got me driving to the Cannon Centre in Greer, SC.  It was a 3 hour drive, well worth the trip I would say 🙂

I’ve got another glorious wedding for you guys today!  The lovable couple consists of Madison & Chris, two people that anyone would love to know.

I was working with my friend Krista Ballington on this wedding, as she’s just a blast to work with.  Whenever, I am working with her, I always 2nd shoot the boys.  So, sorry no bride’s pictures here, but I got some amazing photos of the boys doing silly thing.  Make sure you seriously take a good look at them.

I spent most of my time with Chris and his crew, so I got alot of photos of them just goofy around while they were getting ready.  I was so pleased that they all was down to the earth, and just about ready to do anything request I had.  Love those kind 🙂

When you have this attiude, the creativity within me just explodes, trying all sort of style, poses, while searching through pinterest boards. I truly had fun time capturing the boys during their getting ready.

Madison & Chris are just a joy to work with.  I wish I had spent sometime with Madison alone so I could’ve got some shots with her during her getting ready.  But when your working at weddings, most of the time you don’t realize what you should’ve have done until it’s all over and I am going through the images thinking what I could’ve done.

With all weddings, I always try to create that one image that will just be amazing.  My idea was awesome, I was going to light the water fountain at this venue, and have both Madison & Chris stand in the gazbeo about 50ft from the water fountain.  But it failed.  My flash didn’t fire and we were running out of time.  I couldn’t pull it off in time, and was very disappointed.  Both Madison & Chris, knew that and was grateful that I atleast tried.  God, don’t you just love those couples who truly understand what your tring to do?