Urvi & Vishwas Beautiful Indian Wedding – Gadsden, AL

July 16, 2019
beautiful indian wedding

Urvi & Vishwas

It has been nearly 1 year since I did indian wedding coverage.  I was simply trying to avoid them due to the long hours involved with them and generally it just was not worth the effort that goes into them.

I ended up doing this wedding, simply because I had a friend who was also covering the wedding and just wanted to work with him.  I had forgotten how beautiful our indian weddings are.  After doing american wedding for an entire year, it feels so good to see bright, saturated colors other then white and black.  And so much details, way more then a normal wedding.

I was not hired for the entire wedding, matter of fact two days out of the there day event.  And also was the videographer, so I did not have many pictures.  But during the 3rd day, during the main ceremony, when the bride worn the red indian dress, I just had to grab my camera and start taking pictures.

Maybe now on, I will start doing some more indian weddings, the images that you can make from these wedding are just too beautiful.

Let me know what you guys think of my shots from this wedding.


Since, I this was not my wedding, I do not have any vendor information.  Otherwise, I would’ve put up links to all the vendors involved in this wedding.  I was only here to videography the wedding.