I am not a huge fan of Catholic Church weddings as for only one reason, they don’t allow flash, and we are limited to where we can go. I have nothing against religion, but I feel different when it comes to doing a wedding and having the ability to photograph it. This can quickly start an online war, so I will just leave at that.

However, I had a blast covering Michele & Caleb’s wedding there. I was only 2nd shooting, so I am limited to what I have to show for it. However, being a 2nd shooter means you have a lot of free time and can play around more than the lead shooter. So, that’s precisely what I did.

I have already been to Catholic Church of St. Ann in Marietta, GA just last week, so I already knew the layout of the place. The church itself is fantastic, but I think the reception area could use a bit of work.

I arrived just before the ceremony, so I had no chance to grab any getting ready shots of the groom. I never truly understand why couples do not get more coverage hours to complete their story. Leaving the groom out is a significant story factor since, well, he’s a crucial part of the wedding.

During the ceremony, I got bored rather quickly, so, since Michele actually told me she wanted shots from the balcony, that’s where I headed up and tried to be a bit creative with how I capture the wedding.

It wasn’t until the reception time where I tried to be a bit more creative. I had a 12-foot light stand, so I made good use of it, having its place directly behind the dance floor. It made a fantastic backlight which gave the photos a bit pop. Also, adding a gel to the light to match the surrounding area helps a lot.

For exit, we had sparkler exit! And well, check out the gallery I was amazed at the result, the bubbles reflect the light which looks amazzzzing!!