Mermaid Theme Photoshoot

July 20, 2019
with Mim Chowdhury

Mermaid Theme Shoot

Mim Chowdury
Hitesh Patel

Both Mim and I have been working together for quite some time.  We have done 3 photoshoots together and work very well together.  Some of the shoots I did not post, because well I was being lazy.

We have been planning a mermaid theme shoot for about 2 months, and now with all the props purchased and dates became available for both us we manage to get it done.  I got to give it up to Mim for doing the makeup, and idea for the props.  I was just there to shoot and do the video.

We had a blast doing this shoot, since we both had a few ideas on the posing aspect of it.  Make sure you check out the youtube video as well for the behind the scene.