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With Joy Wedding Website Review

Planning a wedding can be stressful: figuring out your budget, creating a guest list, and finding the perfect venue are all something a bride-to-be needs to keep in mind when organizing her dream day, and it’s easy to start feeling overwhelmed from all the responsibilities you suddenly have. This is where the Joy wedding website comes in.

Joy is a completely free to use website that helps you to efficiently organize your wedding, without having to use an overly complicated software or buy ridiculously priced packages. Although not a completely all-in-one wedding planner, this website will definitely make your preparations much easier.

Joy uses clearly labeled icons and a straightforward settings menu, so the easy-to-use layout will ensure that you will have no difficulties using the various tools Joy has to offer.

Guest List

One of the key features of the Joy website is the guest list. Joy allows you to either import the names of your guests from a spreadsheet or create a list from scratch. Then, you can use the site to send out invitations and monitor the RSVPs, as well as provide guests with a list of questions regarding any special needs or dietary requirements they may have. You can even decide whether guests will be allowed to bring a +1 with them or not!

An account is automatically created for each guest when they RSVP, which can be used to contact you or other guests before the wedding, should anyone have any questions.

Website Creator

Another major part of Joy is the ability to create a personalized website for your wedding. In the design center, you can customize the site in whatever way you would like to: you can choose from a range of templates, themes, and fonts, as well as add photos and even order custom stationery to match your website!

In the Website Content section, you can customize the information that will be included on your website:

Wedding Party

allows you to specify who will play what role in the ceremony.
i.e. the guests of honor, bridesmaids, and groomsmen

The Registries

tool is the easiest way for you to communicate your wedding gift preferences to your guests. It saves the awkwardness of asking for specific gifts and allows guests to pick something within their personal budgets

The Story

section is truly heart-warming. Using this tool, you can tell the story of how you met your significant other, and how your relationship has progressed. You have the choice to write your own version from scratch or answer some simple questions about your relationship

Guest Q&A

gives you the opportunity to address any questions your guest may have about the upcoming ceremony. Are kids welcome? Will there be parking spaces? Is there a specific dress code? All those questions, and more, can be answered using this tool.


you can record all of the important dates and events leading up to, and including the big ceremony. The dates and times of events such as bachelor and bachelorette parties, rehearsals, and even after parties can be scheduled and passed on to guests with ease


is probably one of the most helpful parts of the Website Creator. It lets you provide the exact location of the wedding venue, as well as include helpful tips on how to get there, whether that’s by car, train, or even plane

With the Joy wedding website, you get free hosting, so there’s no need to worry about paying unnecessary fees for your personalized site.

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Customer Support

Joy offers a range of helpful guides and tutorials that help you learn how to navigate and use their services. If needed, there is also 24/7 customer support available, both directly through their website’s live chat feature, and their dedicated email address.

So, if you’re looking for a wedding planner that is simple, interactive, and most importantly free, the Joy wedding website is worth checking out. It delivers a high-quality service without the unnecessary price tag, and can help take away some of that pre-wedding stress!

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Joy Wedding Website Wedding Planning Tool

Planning a wedding can be stressful: figuring out your budget, creating a guest list, and finding the perfect venue are all something a bride-to-be needs to keep in mind when organizing her ...