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After speaking with soon to be brides/couples, I realized that most have very similar questions that they always ask.  I got tired of answering them, so I made an entire page specifically for that 🙂

If you do not see your question here, be sure to shoot me an email. I tried to make it as neat as possible so I hope this helps.

General Questions

How many images do you take?

There isn’t an extact number here, that’s why I haven’t stated it anywhere.  To tell you the truth it all depends on how many hours you have me, how well we get along, and how many activites are happeing.

I don’t use my camera like Rambo does, so you will not get thousands of shots.  My average number for an 8hr wedding is around 400 images.

Do we get all the images from my wedding?

No.  I don’t include test shots, and out of focus shots.  But the rest you can have.  Even the ones that have weird faces 🙂

Do you cover Birthdays, Reunions, Quinceaneras, Bar/Mitzvahs, Celebration or Corporate Events?

Yup, yup.  They are very similar to wedding events so yeah, I can cover those things 🙂

Have you shot at our venue?

I may have, but I need to know which venue it is.  There are so many out there, just like us photographers with new ones popping out of no where.  But the thing you need to worry about is that can I shoot in low-light.  Because not all venues are filled with bright natural light.  🙂  And yeah, I can shoot anywhere.

Do you also provide videography?

You know, I started off doing wedding videography work.  I know it, but I hate it.  I hate the editing part, it takes weeks if not months double of what it takes a photographer.

My heart has always been in photography, and I have been doing this for almost 10 years now.

Let me know if you want videography as well, I have friends who I have worked with that will do the job 🙂

Is your business insured to cover liability or accidents?

Yup, just let me know if the venue needs it.  I need it for myself, since I tend to trip over my own stuff 🙂

How do you back up our Wedding to ensure they won't be lost?

My camera has two memory slots, one is backup.  When I get home, the first thing I do is make three backups.  One goes to god (the cloud), one is external hard drive, and one is on the memory card I shot your wedding with.  Every new weddings get’s there very own memory cards.

Are you available for destination weddings and what are additional fees?

Of course, I still think I am young and love to travel.  Destination weddings are simply, it’s my wedding package plus travel, room, and meals.  Contact me to discuss this futher.

Do you provide partial wedding day coverage?

Yes, I do.  Contact me to disuss this, and I will work something out.

Do you offer prints, or albums?

No I do not.  All images are delivered via online gallery.  From the online gallery you have the ability to order prints should you choose.  They make it very simiple too, and deliever straight to you.

Do you give RAW files?

No, I keep all my RAW files.  RAW files are like a blueprint to how I shot the image.  My work can be easy stolen and someone else can claim that they did the work.

Who owns the copyright?

I will always do.  You will have the rights to print and reprint.  You can not however, sell your images for profit or publish your images in any print publications without the written consent of Hitesh Patel Photography.

By the International law, the digital image copyrights belong to the person who took the image and unless these copyrights are transferred, they remain with the original author of the image.

Payment & Tax

How do I book you?

After we complete pre-wedding consultation on which we both understand the details about your wedding and you have the chance to understand our services we offer.  We will provide you with our wedding photography contract which you can review.  If you have question regarding it please make sure you ask!

We expect you will provide 50% retainer fee to hold your wedding date.  This is so that we do not book anyone else during your wedding date.

Is the retainer fee refundable?

Unfortunatly No.  We require the retainer to reservere your date for you.  We can no longer take anyone else during that time, and therefore if you cancel or postone the wedding date, we are left with an open date which could’ve been filled.  Your retainer is used to cover the lost opportunity resulting from a cancellation.

What if I need to reschedule my wedding date or venue?

The same applies as above question.

Do you offer discount or don't charge sales tax if I pay in cash?

No, collecting cash payment does not exempt my business from paying taxes.

Do you charge for Travel?

Yes, anything within 45 miles radius of Dahlonega, GA get’s a travel fee.  These fees are unfortunately necessary, it pays for the time spent in travel for both the primary and secondary shooter that are occupied with your wedding.

Engagement Session

What day of the week we should schedule our engagement session for?

My weekends are usually booked with weddings, so it would have to be Mon-Thursday.

What is the best time to book our engagement session?

Whenver your ready.  But don’t book me and wait months out.  Peak season for engagement are usually after Christmas to Valentine.

What locations you can recommend for our engagement session?

Any place that’s not too busy or needs a permit.  Depends on your style really on how you want it captured.

What should we wear to an engagement session?

With me, you might be doing crazy things, so were something that your comfortable with.  Your everyday cloths, because really this session is all about you two.  Who you are in real life, who you are in your normal everyday life.

Wedding Day

This section is being worked on.  I am currently writing a few wedding day planning guides which will help answer some of these questions.

Post Production

What is image retouching and do you do that?

Making you look like a super model, removing objects from background, changing colors, etc… And no this not a service I offer.  One image retouching takes 3+ hrs to complete.

Do you enhance or fix our images we get?

Yes, every single image is enchanced and fixed.

  • cropping (get best composition for viewer’s attention)
  • straightening (properly align horizontal or vertical)
  • white balance (make sure you don’t look like the hulk)
  • exposure (accurate brigthness)
  • vibrance (give it a little pop)
  • sharpening (make sure your nice in focus)
  • black & white (if requested)