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General Question

Do you give all the images?

No, I don’t.  Test, duplicate, and out of focus shots are not givin.  However, all other images will be.  For example, because I also use additional lights, those shots must be test prior to final shot.  Also, I don’t expect you guys to know which shot are in focus and which or not, so I elimate those shots as well.  Sometimes, when we are moving too fast, we get alot of missed focus shots.

Do you provide videographer services?

No, but I have friends who does videography and if that is something your looking for let me know and we can work out a package deal if you choose to grab both.  It’s usually ideal to have the same team working for both areas as we both know how to work together to get the shots we need.

Have you shot my venue before?

I may have.  Venue really is not the issue tbh.  It’s how much nature light we have, but given the fact that I can shoot both natural light and control light venue will not be a concern.

What is your photography style?

My style has many names.. candid, documentary, and photojournalism style.  They all mean the same thing, which is that we capture your day as it unfolds without making you pose for shots.  It’s like having a photographer that’s there, but not really there.

Can I see a full wedding?

Yes, please email me stating you want to see full wedding.

Do you provide prints or album?

I do not provide albums.  However, you can order prints from your online gallery which will be provided to you after your event.

photos of bride and groom during their reception
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Post Production Questions

Do you touch up all the images in our image download?

Yes, all images are basic edits which means we fix color balances, make sure they are straight, and apply our style.

Photoshop or Advance Retouching

We do not do any advance retouching nor anything with photoshop.  It’s an additional time and cost that is not calculated into the packages.

How many images do we get?

This question depends on what is going during your wedding day.  It’s a difficult question to answer.  It depends on length of wedding, activity happening, and honestly also depends on how well we get along.

How long will take for us to see our images?

Peak season it take from 4-6 weeks.

Off season usually 2-4 weeks.

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Engagement Session

Do you offer engagement with packages?

No, it’s seperate as not all couples need an engagement session.

When should we do our engagement session?

It’s honestly up to you.  There is no set time to do your engagment, just make you pay attention to the season as it will have great affect on the way your images comes out.  For example, Spring and Summer usually means more greenish color, warm colors.  Fall and Winter, more orange color and a bit cooler.

Can we schedule our engagement session for the weekend?

I am usually covering weddings during the weekend.  If you want to do any engagement session during the weekend the cost will be higher, and you will need to pay retainer to reserve the date.

How many images do we get from engagement session?

You will generally get about 30 images, which will be provide by an online gallery.

How long before we get our engagement images?

I typically try to get them out asap, but average time is 2 weeks.

Crystal & Galen Fall Engagement Shoot

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