behind the scene

Youtube Video

I had asked Natalie if you guys were ok with me doing a behind the scene video of the session.  This is something that I wish to do more often with couples for my own self and showing other people what it’s like to do a session with me.

So make sure you check out the video.

Natalie & Luke

Beautiful Fall Engagement Photoshoot

Natalie & Luke were the absoulte bomb to hang out with and photograph!  We had the best time capturing their fall engagement photos in North Georgia.

When speaking with Natalie, I had initially asked her if she had a location in mind to which she didn’t, so I suggest this place. And if we had time, we would run down to Dahlonega square where they had the famous Christmas lights throughout the town. The waterfall is only a few miles from the downtown square, so why not. Plus, it gave me a chance to work on my lighting skills during nighttime.

Started at Crane Creek Falls in Dahlonega, GA. We meet up at the front entrances. We had to walk down to the waterfall, so on our way down, we started taking photos.

I explained to Natalie and Luke that most of my shots are natural shots, which means I make you do things or act out scenes so that I can grab your natural reaction. I had already knew in back of my head while taking shots, that this will definitely be more fall engagement photo style.

I wanted to take a shot of them in front of the actual waterfall, but since we didn’t expect this shot, and we were not prepared for it, we decided not to do it. However, I still had to get a bit wet during the shooting where Natalie and Luke are sitting on a rock. Ah, the things a fearless photographer does to get that one shot 😛

Stay at Crane Creek Falls until I couldn’t take any more natural shots. It was about 5:30pm and we were loosing light, so I asked if they wanted to head to downtown and grab a few night time shots with the Christmas lights. If you are not familiar with Dahlonega Christmas lights, you are missing out.