Epic Waterfall Shoot with Indian Sari at Toccoa Falls

July 25, 2019

Toccoa Falls Photoshoot

If you do not know who Ruben Gorjian is then, well you need to check his work out.  He had a workshop here in April of 2019 at the Toccoa Waterfall, and ever since then, I just wanted to do a private photoshoot so I can have my model all to myself and do some creative shots.

It took me a while, since I had a particular dress in mind (Indian Sari) and I also wanted a solid color.  I got hold of black indian sari, which I told my wife to get for her size and just see what happens.

We kept delaying this shoot, but this week I finally said let’s just go.  Because it would never happen if we kept delaying it.  Model was my wife, as I couldn’t afford to hire a professional model for this shoot, and since she like’s to take picture why not.  I also made my son do the bts video, but he didn’t have us in frame so the video never made it public.

All shots was done with HSS, overpowering the sun and all images have been retouched.  Finally figured out how to make dark eyes pop as well.