felt like a spy agent

A Real Engagement Proposal Captured

I felt like a detective who is spying on someone for this engagement proposal that occurred in Dahlonega, GA. It felt so awkward, hanging downtown with a big lens (70-200mm), taking shots. Jeez, was imaging what other people might be thinking, but it was so much fun.

Richard had contacted me a few months in advance regarding this planned trip to propose to his love, Allie. I was so thrilled at the idea since it was my first time doing something like this. It sounded like a crazy plan that needs an insane photographer, that’s me 🙂

Richard and Allie both live in Florida, and of course, they decided to make a trip up here for the Dahlonega GA Christmas lights. I told Richard to let’s meet up the morning of, and plan out how we should do this crazy idea. We both meet up at the Spirit Tavern in downtown Dahlonega, GA, at 11 am. This was the first time meeting face to face, so we chatted a bit, and then we walked around the town.

I planned to grab Allie’s reaction since she had no idea this was going on, and that’s the most crucial shot. I had already known where I wanted Allie to be at, so I guided Richard to the location and gave him direction on how he should do it. I knew he was going to bend down and get on his knee for this event, so I had a perfect view of Allie’s face. What didn’t know was that Allie bent down as well. However, I still got the shot, haha. She had no idea what was going and was a bit surprised to see me as well.

I had included a bit more shots to this gallery so you can see what it felt like when I started to spy on them. After the proposal, I suggest we move to a local park, Yahoola Creek Park. I have been here before, as I shot engagements and some family photos. The location was perfect, isolated in the wintertime, which gave us an excellent opportunity to be alone.

We spent about one hour at the park before I suggested to go back to town and grab some shots with the Christmas lights. It was so packed; I had a hard time trying to pose Richard & Allie in downtown. It was nearly impossible to have pictures taken without someone photobombing my shots. We didn’t last too long, as Allie’s son was getting a bit tired, and we had to cut it short.

I had a fantastic time making this real-life engagement proposal; I just wished we had more time to do some more creative shots.