Joe & Ashley

Engagement at Willow Creek Plantation

Engagement photography session at the Willow Creek Plantation in Landrum, SC. You have everything you can ask for as for places to photograph here at this wedding plantation.

Joe and Ashley hired me as their wedding photographer for their wedding on October 04, 2019. Upon speaking with them, they mention that they are getting married at the Willow Creek Plantation in Landrum, SC.
Since I was not from the area, they send me pictures, and I was just blown away at how beautiful the wedding plantation venue is. You have a fantastic view of the house from both ends. You have a small barn with a river flowing down, making it just look epic. A substantial outdoor gazebo for the wedding reception. And even an old covered bridge to create an epic shot. I could talk all day about this place, but it’s much better in person and, I suck at explaining things 😛

They initially didn’t have an engagement session schedule, but I convinced them that they should do it. You can use the engagement session photos for save the date cards, and best of all, something to look back to when your flipping through your old memories. I don’t understand why so many couples skip the engagement.

Of course, they agreed eventually, and we got together at this wedding plantation to take some engagement photos. I got there early, so I ended up scouting the place for a location to use for the engagement session.

Upon meeting, I explained to them how the process would be like and told them to be themself as much as possible. This is always the hard part for the couple. But at least if they got this part done, then the wedding would be a breeze.

We spent about an hour and a half just walking around the place and taking shots. The first 30 minutes was to get the hang of me being there, and then the images started to come to life. Please have a look and let me know, but Joe and Ashley were terrific to work with, and I had so much fun.