I selected a location that was based on one image I found on google. Tanyard Creek Park in downtown Atlanta, GA, a pure gem if you’re looking for an actual fall engagement pictures. I was blown away by the result. I really didn’t expect them to be this great, but then again, I always doubt myself.  These are perfect example of some fall engagement photos if your looking for these type.

The weather was just perfect. On my way down to Atlanta, GA, it started to rain a bit, and I got worried, so immediately I called Crystal and said: “hey it’s raining, do you still want to risk it?”. I am all about risking it, and I was thrilled Crystal decided to go with it as well. Cloudy weather is the perfect scenario to take photos; you rarely need to worry about the harsh sunlight.

Both Crystal and Galen were terrific to work with. Galen already knew what was expected since he was in the production industry. But to my surprise, I am glad Crystal was open-minded about the whole situation. She put all her trust and faith into me, and I was very grateful for that.

We even took some shots at the little playground they had, which was a plus, because that really bought out Crystal & Galen’s personality. With them being so playfully, I said, let’s do a shot with you guys hiding behind the tree!

I will always agree that personality has to match to create amazing images. Not every single trait has to match, but if just one thing clicks with you and your photographer, your bond to get some fantastic photos.

When I made the initial call with Crystal, I already knew that this was going to be a great engagement session. Text and email can do not show how the personality, but speaking with the person well, we get the point right.