Crystal & Glen

Atlanta Engagement Photos at Tanyard Creek

Atlanta Engagement Photos at not so famous park Tanyard Creek Park.  It was actually an awesome place to shoot!

When you think about taking photos in downtown Atlanta, the first place that pops in your mind is Piedmont Park. Atlanta is known for Piedmont Park as it’s enormous, overpopulated during peak times, and just merely busy most of the time.

Photographing at this park can be a challenge. Usually, all the best spots are already taken, and it’s pretty much a waiting game. Not to mention that you may get tons of images with people randomly walking into the shot.

I knew there had to be another park that is less crowded and still good to take some engagement photos. Thus my research began, and I found Tanyard Creek Park, a little north of Piedmont Park. A small hidden gem that is perfect for engagement photos. When you search for this park on google, the first thing you will notice is that covered bridge or walkway, whatever you want to call it. Looks amazing! I knew I had to get a shot in there with the engaged couple (Crystal & Glen).

The funny thing is that it was about to rain just before we agreed to meet up. While I was driving my way down 85, it started to rain, and my first reaction was “awesome, it’s raining.” But, I had to make sure Crystal was ok with the rain, haha.

Obviously, she was ok with it since we did end up shooting there. This was my first time at Tanyard Creek Park, but not my first time shooting Engagement Photos in Atlanta. I had to check this park out, so once I got there, I ran around scouting the area, since we were getting close to our scheduled session.

It’s not huge, but enough to capture some fantastic shots. It was fall, so the whole placed had a fall theme to it. I bet this would look amazing in spring as well.