Ashley & Brandon

Artistic Engagement Photos

Artistic Engagement Photos in Downtown Atlanta at the Krog Street Tunnel. We got stuck in the tunnel the entire session!

We almost cancel this engagement session twice.  The week before, I had called up Ashley and told her it was going to rain on the day of the engagement session we had scheluded.  And, we cancelled.

The following week same thing happen, it was pouring rain while I was driving into Atlanta, GA.  While, on the road, I called Ashley up again and said “ewh, it’s raining today too!”.

Of course, she suggested what we should do, but since I cancelled last week already, and really left it up to her.  I knew how excited she was for this session and I didn’t want to disappoint her again.  So she said let’s go for it.

Having been here before for a model shoot I did with Mim, I knew the area already.  And, now I realized that we would be stuck in the tunnel with having just a few shots.  I mean, there is only so much I can shoot inside a tunnel and only position we have is standing.  Which, I mention to Ashley over the phone.

My initial thought was to have some done in the tunnel and some outside since it was fall season, we would’ve had some beautiful street/urban style photos as well.  But of course this did not happen at all.

And it didn’t even stop raining to give me a few moments outside in the rain with them.  Due to the rain, and being wet outside, we had to be very picky on the spots I choose.

Ashley was dress up as model, and therefore, I couldn’t make her sit or have her walking around the water on the ground.  So, we did the entire session inside the tunnel.

It took a few moments, for them to ease up with me, as I was noticing that big time during the first few shots.  But as they eased up, the session became alot better, and I was able to make them work for the shots.

So below are some Artistic Engagement Photos in the Krog Tunnel downtown Atlanta, GA.