Its been nearly 5 years now since the moment I pick up a camera. It has been a long journey, a never ending one as I am always amazed at what new methods I learn to create some amazing images.

I mainly shoot candid and documentary for one reason, those images are truly epic. It's looks alot better when your not force into pose, it's more natural. However, I also do like to create a few epic posed shots, either I have seen before from another photographer who inspired me to try to make a similar image.

Ok, I am not really this serious, but I just had to type something here to make it look good. But really, I am a down to earth type of person (jeans + tshirt) who just enjoys creating images. I enjoy having fun, and do things that hasn't been done before.

My ideal clients are usually people who are laid back and a little bit adventures. Let's get together and create some amazing images.

I promise you, you won't forget me 🙂

Dahlonega, GA