My name is Hitesh,
I’m a photographer.

Ok, wow you really click it.  I hate talking about my self and I think alot of people can related to that.


Hmm, not sure how long I should go back, but let’s start with how I got into photography!  Yah, that will work…

My son was born in 2010, at that time we had iphone 3 i think? Whatever, I took a shot, and wow I hated it!  I was thinking to myself so there must be a better way to document this kid growing up.  So I bought a Canon Rebel 3 and started taking images.  I practiced, watch youtube videos and by the time I was ready to start showing off my skills….

….the darn kid was already 6 years old lol haha..

You don’t realize how much time flies until it’s gone.  Don’t be like me and miss 6years of his life in work and other unfamily related task.

Doesn’t that even make sense? 😛

But now, I capture this guy growing up everyday by either photo or video.  I just hope I don’t loose all that data in the future 🙁

small things I spend my free time on

What I enjoy!


Chai & Coffee, OMG i can drink this all day. Actually wifes yells at me for not eating and drinking chai all day long!

GoT (Season 8)

What just happen? Who are these characters? What a freaking mess! Thanks DD now I have to read the freaking books!

Just Drive

Sometimes, I like to just take the car and drive with no destination. Then, my wife calls and yells at me to come home 🙁


Yes, when I have time I get on a play! Currently playing Archeage if you want to know 🙂

Why you should NOT choose me!

Don’t Like Jokes

I don’t know what are the cool jokes today, but i can ganuratee I will do some stupid jokes that will make you say “WTF”?

Get dirty

If getting dirty scares you, then look elsewhere.  Not talking about doing a mud wrestling now, but if little dirt scares you then I don’t think I will best for you.

missing moments

I am not god, I can’t possibly capture every single moment that happens during your wedding.  It’s not possible.  But I will try to capture as much as I can

image count

If your worried about how many images you will get, then again, I won’t be the guy for you.  Every wedding is different, some are fun and exciting.  And some well, just plain boring.  I think you get the point 🙂

wants to be the same

Every photographer takes the same shots, I like to try different techinques, different style, even possilbe add more lights.  If your not up for something different, then hmm, your still reading all this??


Well, this is the ONLY one that does not affect anything lol.  I just wanted to put this in here because I ran out of things that I dislike. 

what i have been doing the past few days...

Recent Adventures

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