Jacqueline & Bernard

A Place in the Vineyard Wedding

Located in Albemarle, NC just a bit north of Charlotte, NC; A Place in the Vineyard is an amazing place for wedding.  I could’ve been here all day photographing weddings and I wouldn’t run out of place for backgrounds.

They have vineyards for those vineyards pictures, a little gazebo right in front of a small water fall, and some distance trees futher out that you can use to possible create an epic photos.

With my creative mind, I would’ve had the couples running all over the place just capturing some amazing shots.  Ah the possiblities are endless.

The Outside

To the right here, these are the shots taken from outside.  Just let your mind run wild here.  Because seriously there are just too many ideal spots you can take your couples to photograph if you had ample time on your hand.

Jacqueline & Bernard

Getting Ready

Being the only photographer for this wedding, it’s rather a bit tough trying to get both bride and groom photographed when they are both getting ready at the same time.  Good thing was that both was inside the reception building and close by.  The hard part was keeping them away from each other until the first look.  I had to constently run back and fourth just to make sure they stayed in the room.  Sort of like babysitting lol.

Dad & Groom

First Look

Jacqueline wanted to do first look both with dad & son, and with Beneard.  So I didn’t want to do the both first look at the same place, so I decided to do first look with Dad & Son in front of the ceremony.  The old textures from the building next to it, just looked amazing.

First look with groom (Berneard) was choosen at the gazebo in front of the lake.  I told Berneard to wait while, I went to get Jacqueline, which by the way is a long run sort of.

After the first look, since the entire birdal party was there, I was like let me take a shot here.  First with the groomsmen doing something new, and then with the entire bridal party.

a place in the vineyard


a place in the vineyard


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