Willet & Joseph

50th Anniversary Wedding

50th Anniversary Wedding captured in Macon, GA.  One of my first weddings where I had the pleasure of capturing couple who renewed their vows.  A great way to show how important marriage is, and the commitment it took to make this last so long.

The entire marriage was a bit out of normal for me, as I was not really used to this type of wedding.  Normally you have the groom/bride getting ready and a couple of portraits of just the bride/groom.  However, I had the pleasure of being by Joseph sort of.

Joseph did not want a photographer following him around all day, so sorry guys no solo or getting ready for Joseph.  And actually made my job a bit easier, but at the same was a bit sad since the story seems a bit unfinished.

I arrived at the church in Macon, GA where the ceremony was taking place at.  So that’s where my photography documenting journey started.  Until the end, when Willet had a sexy surprise for her love which Joseph had no idea about.



Reception took place at the Sport all of Fame in downtown Macon, GA.  I was worried about all the glass inside as it may have affected my flash upon shooting, but it didnt.

I would’ve never thought of having a wedding here, but it’s not really that bad either if your a sports fan.  I am not much of a sport fan, so I didn’t really care about all the stuff inside.  But I was amazed at the way the venue was layout.  I could’ve been very creative if they were up for the photo sessions.