July 27, 2019
special place for the gifted


Not something I normal do, but wanted to try out something different.  Covering a local event nearby is something I don’t really do, but wasn’t anything difficult since this event took place with great natural light.

I was sent out to cover AngelFishGA event today morning.  Not knowing exactly what I was getting myself into, I walked in with mindset “it’s just another event”.  That shortly changed when I met Linda, who runs the organization.

AngelFishGA is a place for kids/adults with disabilities.  This is something I haven’t seen in person, but have always heard organization doing this type of work.  Let me tell you, you have to actually attend one of these events to see how much this touches your heart.  You will amazed, blessed, and truly inspired do something about it, to be part of this cause.

Being in a professional industry, we have photographers/videographers have a very special skill.  Capturing memories that will be saved for generation after generation.  Image how much precious these images/video will be to the parents of the children.  Image how blessed they would be to have their children capture and displayed in social media sites all over.

This entire event was taking place at Bogan Park Aquatic Center in Buford, GA.  One thing to note thou, I have never been in a place similar to this, and was a bit sick after spending 4 hours inside from all the chlorine smell.  I thought I was getting old, and started to get dizzy.  If this happens, just step outside for a few minutes and come back.  I wish I had know that prior, as I couldn’t stop smelling the chlorine until the next day.

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