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Tips for The Wedding Day 10 of them!

Tips for the wedding day, because we all know how much time and effort goes into planning on, and trust me, I know.  Having photograph a dozen weddings, and with helping to plan them out, sometimes I just feel like pulling my hair out (atm I have none left)

Tip 1

Do a trail run of your makeup and hair.  Both of you!  If you can, photography yourselves with trail hair and make to see how you will show up on camera.  If you don’t like what you see, change it 🙂

Tip 2

Choose all the appropriate undergarments for your big day.  From the crinoline slip to your bustier to shape wear, what you’re wearing underneath your gorgeous dress matters.  Those itmes plays a major supporting role — literally!

10 tips for the wedding day

Tip 3

Relax.  It’s eaiser said then done, but you hired professional vendors (or atleast I hope you did) trust them to do their jobs.  Being relax makes some amazing photographs.

Tip 4

Be mindful of your posture.  When I’m posing you for your formals, I have no problem reminding people to stand up straight.  However, I can’t extactly interrupt the ceremony should I notice slouching!  Just think of it this, it’s your day today.. be proud of it by the way you stand.

10 tips for the wedding day

Tip 5

Don’t be afraid to show your emotions.  Don’t be like me and have a same face for everything, show your emotions, show your tears, show your smile/laughs.

10 tips for the wedding day

Tip 6

Have food, water on hand while your getting ready and for photographs.  Being on empty stomach can make you tried, or make you pop those excerdians.  Espcially on hot summer days.

Tip 7

Pack a “wedding day emergency” kit and bring it along with you on your big day. Essentials include some clear nail polish for snags, pain reliever for headaches, any makeup you need for touching up and a travel sewing kit. Band-Aids, lozenges, tampons and tissues are also good.

Tip 8

Have a “spot checker” on hand who’s there to help you out with things like tangled trains, smeared lipstick or out-of-place hair. This can be someone in your bridal party or the mother of the bride, for example.

10 tips for the wedding day

Tip 9

Follow up with all your vendors a week before your wedding to make sure everything is in place and ready to go. Should anything be wrong (say, the florist only has you down for 4 bouquets instead of 5), this will provide plenty of time to fix the mistake.

Tip 10

Expect the unexpected. Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and that’s OK. In the long term, it’s your outlook and attitude that makes for a brilliant, successful day.


Have someone with you during your family pictures that knows both sides (bride/groom) that can aid the photographer in taking photos.  This can literally save you about 30 minutes of your time by having them call out the family memebers instead of the photographer checking his list and looking for them.

This is how it happens in Indian/Asian weddings, and it goes by so fast, trust me 🙂