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Welcome to Hitesh Patel Photography

Atlanta Wedding Photographer

An introvert at first, but once you get to know me, it’s like opening a bag of skittles 🙂  Atlanta Wedding Photographer that is a bit silly, goofy, and adventurous when capturing those madly in love little grasshoppers.  Check my work out and if you like what you see, let’s chat.  Who knows you may actually like me 🙂


how my images have impacted them


Hitesh was wonderful! He was very professional and made us feel so comfortable. He took the time to get the perfect shots and he did. I would highly recommend him!

Kimberly Jerguson

Hitesh is a natural when it comes to photography. My fiancée and I had no clue on how to pose or make a decent photo. Hitesh gave us excellent instruction, followed with excellent photos. Hitesh is extremely easy to get along with. He did our engagement photos, and I'm more than excited for him to do our wedding as well.

Joseph Port

Hitesh was very professional, arrived early, extremely friendly and personable, and made us comfortable throughout our shoot. He did an amazing job capturing our engagement photos. My fiancé and I were very happy with the end results. He found a lot of great shots and creative ways to get our poses to look natural and romantic while not making us feel pressured or timed. His delivery of the photos was also very fast and convenient for sharing. Definitely recommend him!

Melissa Meistickle

Hitesh did our engagement pictures and will be doing our wedding photos. Not only did he make it a very comfortable experience for the two of us who don't know how to pose, but there were so many candid shots that came out beautifully! I could not be happier with the work and how quickly they got back to us. Phenomenal edits. I would recommend him to anyone.

Ashley Rivera

Atlanta Wedding Photographer

It will only happen once

For most of us, this is a one time deal.  The one day, where you see all sorts of emotions, happiness, and crazyiness.  Celebrating this day with the people who are dear to your heart.  For us, it’s important to capture it all so that we can look back at it and relive the day over and over again.

Non Traditional Approach

The old traditional way of capturing wedding is long gone.  Today, we want real reaction, real moments, that shows you actually having fun.  Our goal is not to just capture amazing images for you, but also to have an incridible experiences.  We may step in from time to time to help out a bit, but most of the time we will go with the flow.

Different Genres of Photography

We are lovers of photos, we love to create images various type.  Including landscape, portraits, and details.  Wedding is the one place where all the different genres of photography all packed into one day.  Why the heck would we not enjoy it?

Your Reactions

Nothing makes us more happier then seeing the reaction from you when you look at your images for the first time.  Knowing that we made an impact on someone life, is well truly rewarding for us.  We are speachless when it comes to describing this feeling.

Atlanta Wedding Photographers

Our Wedding Photography Studio

Located in a small town in North Georgia we call Dahlonega.  It’s small, it’s quite, and it’s pretty busy on the weekends.  We love the feeling when we can come back to our little town.  You know what I mean the “ahh, we’re home” feeling.

Finding Wedding Photographer

It’s easy, just google “wedding photographers” and you get millions of them.  Finding one isn’t the hard part, selecting one that matches your personality, your style, and how well you both will get along is the hard part.  After all you want someone who you can enjoy having around since ware are expected to be shadowing you all day.

Atlanta Wedding Photographer

We have been pretty much all over tri-state area.  Crazy enough, after everything, Atlanta offer some of the best places for wedding photography.  Atlanta has some the most beatuiful locations for engagement session, amazing venues to create epic photos, and the perfect weather.  Of course, sometimes it can get extermely hot during peak summertime.

Destination Wedding, Heck Ya!

Location, location, location, that is so important on your images comes out, and we would love to travel to your destination weddings to cover your wedding.  We are a bit of an adventurous photographers who love enjoy exploring new area, and trying out new techinques to create something amazing.

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